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1.         Ross, Adriana and Fok, Vance. “Azrieli Architecture Grimoire” 2011-2012

2.         The Girl with the Secret Face. DOMUS August 30 2014.
3.         Comatose and Ricorso: Reawakening the Covenant Church. INTAR. Interventions.                           Adaptive Reuse. Vol. 4 Difficult Memories Reconciliating Meaning.
4.         Comatose and Ricorso: An Ecclesial Exploration. Ricerche e Progetti per il Territorio, La                   Citta', e l'Architettura, n. 10, December 2016: 81-90.
5.         Ross, Adriana. “Corso and Ricorso, Reawaking the Covenant Church”, in IntIAR Journal of             Interventions & Adaptive Reuse, Difficult Memories: Reconciling Meaning, Vol. 04, 2013,                 36-40 page, Print ISBN 978-0-9832723-2-8

Books Authored

1.         Ross, Adriana and Frascari, Marco. “Drawing in the Silence” (Lulu Press, 2012), 98 pages


Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings

1.     Goffi, Federica and Ross, Adriana, 2018 NCBDS Conference, Cincinnati, USA, 2018, paper             read and published


2.     Ross, Adriana, Frascari Symposium III Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA, 2017, drawings                   accepted and upcoming presentation and publication of the drawings

3.     Ross, Adriana and Sgarbi, Claudio, EAD12|2017, Design for Next THINKING Conference,               Rome, Italy, 2017, abstract accepted


4.     Ross, Adriana. “Comatose and Ricorso, An Ecclesial Exploration”, The Future of Churches             Conference, Bologna, Italy, 2016, paper read, published (page 81-90)



5.     Ross, Adriana. “Corso and Ricorso, Reawaking the Covenant Church”, AHGSS                                 Access/Restriction Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, 2014 paper read


6.     Ross, Adriana. “Comatose and Ricorso, Early Canadian Ecclesial Exploration”, The                           10th Annual McGill-Queen's 2013 Conference in History, Queen’s University in Kingston,                 Ontario from March 1-2, 2013, abstract accepted

Conference Presentation

March 3 2018

Transmedial Time Constructs: Four Causes for Accidents in the making

by Federica Goffi and Adriana Ross

National Conference on Beginning Design Students

Cincinnati, March 1-3 2018

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